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The Quest For Love

Tom Holmes, local teenager
Charlotte Tamzitt, local teenager
Amanda Tamzitt, Charlottes Mother
The Pupils Of Herne Bay High School

Based On A True Story

On the evening of Sebtember 23rd 2004 a phone was ringing in the bedroom of Tom Holmes, a pupil at Herne Bay High School.
Tom hastened to pick up the phone as he knew it was Charlotte, a girl who he was smitten with. Earlier in the week Charlotte had asked for Tom's mobile number, Tom duly gave it to her and had hoped she would ring him.
As Tom reached for the phone, he stuttered, wondering wheather or not to pick it up. Tom decided to pick it up, his finger shaking over the 'call accept button' as he did so. A voice came through the receiver, a voice of an angel, Charlotte. Charlotte then asked Tom wheather he would like to go to the cinema on Saturday. Tom, being a shy boy, reluctantly accepted, and agreed to meet her at the Kavanagh Cinema at 2p.m to see the new James Bond Film.
The only person Tom told about his date was his best friend Chris. Tom was worried as Charlotte was three years his junior, that he would be mocked for his cradle snatching persona. Tom was right, the next day at school everyone knew about his forthcoming date and teased and riled him till their hearts content. Tom took the words lightly and tried to ignore them for the next four days before his date.
As Tom prepared himself for his date his Dad came along and asked what was wrong. Tom told his father the prediciment. His father told him not to worry as if it is true love it will prevail. On the walk down to the cinema Tom took a pre-rolled joint from his tobbaco tin and lit it. Tom wondered what would happen at the cinema as he blew out the creamy smoke.He arrived at the cinema at 1.55pm and was suprised to see Charlotte standing in the doorway. She pulled out a pack of Mayfair Smooth, took one for herself and offered one to Tom. Knowing it was a three hour film, he took the ciggarette and they both smoked in silence until they had finished them .They were still in silence as they entered the cinema to watch the film.
In the beggining of the film Charlotte leant over to Tom and whispered "I knew from the first time I saw you I loved you". Tom could not watch the film and again not a single word was spoken for three hours. As they left the cinema, Tom asked Charlotte wheather she would like to walk along the beach to see the sunset. Charlotte replied that she'd do anything as long as she was with him.
They walked along the beach in the direction of Reculver, watching the sunset as they strolled along. They stopped at Bishopstone Glen and Tom took out another joint and they smoked it together while watching the sun set of the pale water.
Tom turned to look at Charlotte and Charlotte looked at Tom and their lips locked together for what seemed like an eternity. They feel asleep in each others arms under the stars.
Tom awoke to find Charlotte laying in his arms, he carefully moved her being careful not to wake her and went for a walk. He thought to himself 'is this true love' when he returned Charlotte was still asleep and he carefully woke her and they walked back to Toms house arm in arm. Toms dad answered the door and asked where he'd been all night. Tom simply replied 'gazing at the stars' and went through to make himself and Charlottes breakfasts. Then they sat eating silently under the watchful eye of Tom's parents. After they had ate they went upstairs and sat listening to Jimi Hendrix and smoking joints, the sudden calmness was disrupted by a loud ringing from Charlottes phone. It was her mother, she was frantic and she quickly came round and picked up Charlotte, As Charlotte was driven away he was blown a kiss and he caught it.
Later that night at about 11.00pm Tom walked to Greenhill to see Charlotte. He climbed over her back fence and leaned her ladder against the wall,climbed up and tapped on her window. Charlotte let Tom in and greeted him with a passionate kiss. Tom replied with "my you look like a minx in those teddy bear pj's" Charlotte gave a coy smile and told Tom to be quiet as she did not want to wake up her mother. They sat together smoking a joint arm in arm thinking about life.Tom recited to Charlotte a poem he had just wrote and she got up and looked in to his eyes and whispered " I love you" and they lay together for hours until they fell asleep.
Tom was awoken by the slapping of his face and was amazed to see Amanda yelling at him and Charlotte. They were being chucked out. They were thrown on to the street, they walked amazed to Toms house where they stayed for a week before moving into a one bedroom flat Tom rented. They lived quietly on the run. There was only one person who knew where they were Chris. One day the doorbell rang and Tom answered it believing it was Chris coming round for a smoke. The door opened and there was Amanda, pointing a gun at Tom. Charlotte screamed and Amanda shot Tom twice in the chest. Tom fell back on to the floor bleeding heavily. Charlotte, frantically phoned for an ambulance. The next thing Tom saw was the faces of his family and an older looking Charlotte. He had been in a coma for five years. Charlotte kissed Tom and had been waiting all that time for him to wake up.
He burst into tears and set everyone else off. Amanda was in prison and Tom and Charlotte were together at last. When Tom was well enough to leave hospital he moved in with Charlotte and her new flat and they lived together in harmony for many years

The End

Dedicated to all the people who ever loved someone they could not have and to Tom Whiting, (sorry for all the shit) and to Charlotte, if were ever together again. I'll Show you this.
Tom Holmes


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