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I now feel ive had the brush off and it hurts so so much to realise this

Im only 14 but im in love with a girl called shell; we have been friends for a few months and we have got really close.

I had so much trust in her and we can tell each other anything, so i felt it was the right time to ask her to be my girlfriend she said no basically but she said not right at this moment she dosent want a relationship also we are more like best friends, this hasnt affected us as friends but recently we went on a trip together and a few mates and she was saying that she hadnt got anyone and she was lonely and wanted someone. I also found out that she fancies someone else.

I now feel ive had the brush off and it hurts so so much to realise this, i love her and really want to be with her but she dosent feel the same about me and its ripping me apart.

Yes im only young and have probably got some more expriences of love but it still hurts so much; this is my first real exprience of love and i liked it the trust the faith we had in each other, to suport each other and be there when we needed someone. Hopefully we can still have all this as friends but its still really hurting to find out shes lied to me.

ive already been hurt at the first hurdle and im now thinking whats the point?


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