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and hes perfect i love him

Im 13.. yes i know.. very young.. and i doubt any of u will ever believe me.. but im sure its real love.. im 13.. hes 19.. I love him so much.. i first saw him when i went into walmart.. he had spiked hair.. pink and green spacers in his streached ear holes.. labret piercing(lip). and a tattoo on the sideo f his neck.. i knew from then on i loved him.. he smiled and me and i will never forget how much it melted my heart.. i got his email and got to know what he was like.. he liked me alot.. i know it seems wrong 13.. 19.. but i dont look or act 13 u see.. i act and look 17 i have 12 piercings long black hair and i act very grown up thats why he fell in love with me.. he knew it was wrong.. and so did i.. but how can something that feels so right be soo wrong.We talked maybe once or twice on msn.. all the times he kept complimenting me.. i am the only yonger girl he has ever felt this way about.. tho u ppl may think pedafile.. no hes not.he sings.. and hes perfect i loved him.. he was soo nice and kind and outgoing.My friend was dating one of his friends.. so i went with her and her boyfriend to (the guy i love)house.He wasent home.. so we left him a note saying to phone me.. later that nite he phoned me. i just about fainted he said i had to come over the following wednesday.. so when wednesday came. i took the bus with my friend and her boyfriend to shanes house. we had fun.. i couldnt stop looking at him and smiling i was sooo happy. when time came to go.. one of my lovers friend gave us all a ride home.. it was a small car and he sat with me in the back along with my friend. he put his arms around me and i couldnt believe it. i was in heaven. on thursday after school, i took the bus to his house.. i stayed the nite.. it was the best nite of my life.. we slept togeaher on the couch.. he had his arms aorund me.. and in the middle of the nite. he pulled my face towards him and kissed me on the lips.. i couldnt believe it.. he then kissed my neck and was holding my hand.. me made out.. it was the besT!.. i went home in the mourning soo happy.. from this day i still smiling thinging of it.. he moved .. and i got to talk to him on msn alot. we have always been in love.. and we tell eachother all the time. but were waiting till im leagl. i think of him all the time... when im 18 and this site is till her... ill prove to all of u.. it was love..


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