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if it wasn't for the cheating and lying boyfriend i would of never of found him.

Things happen for a reason.

In the past i have had some crazy relationships that just left me with a broken heart. I dated someone for 3 years who ended up playing for a college football team and just one day decided to start cheating on me with the knowledge that it would be alright with me. I've dated someone who was a volleyball player that was on a traveling team and went around the world playing in tournaments. Well i broke my own heart with that, i put too much trust in him. The last relationship i was in was wonderful in the beginning then reality hit in and the truth started speaking out about who he really was. This left me bitter, cruel and afraid to even think of love. I also used men for a good laugh and a few drinks, i was very mean to men.

Till one night when my car wouldn't start and i just decided to stay at home and get some work done. I was visiting a local web site that i belong to and i clicked on someone's profile well his profile angered me and i messaged him to complain on how shallow he is. He gave me a message back with that was so sweetest along with his screen name asking to talk to me. I did talk to him, and i was kicked in the butt by love at first sight. Ever since then we have been talking for at least two hours a day. He has given my faith and rubbed that bitterness away and brought my smile back. When i messaged him in the beginning i had no idea that he lived in atlanta well, in about a month i will be transferring schools in atlanta... "sigh" I call it Destiny. I am not nervous nor am i uncomfortable with the thought of his touch. Its so amazing how things work out, how everything falls in place. Here is what i think, if it wasn't for the cheating and lying boyfriend i would of never of found him. He makes me feel wonderful and i know that i do the same to him. I am truly convinced that this is true love


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