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he is my second cousin

I'm 18 right now...i know i'm young...but i am soo in love...the only problem in our relationship is that he is my second cousin. We grew up close...we saw each other about every other never crossed my mind about him and i being together...when i was younger i never had those feelings for him, infact i had crushes on all his friends...however...when i turned 15 i started having feelings for night we were just sitting around talking in the dark...and for some reason we just moved in and kissed each was wierd...but only in that fact that we were young and that was our first real kiss...that fact that we were second cousins never crossed our mind...because we didnt feel that we were related at was just like any other boy-girl relationship. Well we kept our feelings hidden for as long as we could...but soon it leaked out...and his parents weren't fact they kept us apart...we weren't alowed within 10 feet of eachother...literally. It was like a stab to the heart...this of course only pushed us together more and made us want to fight for what we wanted. We snuck around and called and wrote letters and did everything we had to...we were never going to give up...we had so much passion and love for each other...we have stayed together for 3 years...he's my life...the family thinks we have split up...and in a way we have...because ever since i went to college...i havent had alot of time....and he couldn't handle that...just like any relationship....he started seeing this girl to fill that void...and i dated a boy from my college....but the whole time...we were still inlove with each other...even when we tried to fight it...i have broken up with the boy i was dating..but he is still dating this girl...however...he calls me and pours his love on me...he tells me he is only dating her to keep everyone quiet...they really tormented him and punished him at home for him and i being mom and my side of the family were ok with the relationship...but not his side...i still love him and im hoping we will rekindle our flame...i know he still wants what we have...but i know it's going to be so hard for him if it gets out so young.....but he's that one thing i've actually felt so much passion for...i sometimes just wished we were we could live real lives...together and not worry about fighting every second of our lives...keeping our love secret...dear me...come into my life and help me...


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