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loving some one i've never come face to face

loving some one i've never come face to face

i met this guy on internet, no one ever said i love u, but we were true to each other, talked about anything in life, what hurts the most and what he wants out of life, it was all going well till he just cut me off.

after about three months of talking each day for an hour, he just left like that. i was just a friend, we both knew it as well as we both knew we were geting deep into each other.i never demanded any thing, all i ever wanted was friendship, and if it ever went deeper, then that would be okey with me.

but he just stoped talking to me, not even sending a messege, it really hurts, i feel empty,i need some one to fill that gap,but am afriad of geting hurt,

some times i wonder whether our openness scared him,or he just needs time, or he just decided to end the friendship,

but i will keep my faith, i know i will get whats best for me, time will heal the wound.


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