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i met r on a sunny afternoon in my friends estate,when i first saw him he had a lil twinkle in his eye that atracted me:),but i had to much on my mind at the time to take any notice,after a while we started to talk,and then we went out we wer togetr 4 8 mounths on and off,we slowly grew an amazing bond,he was my first real boyfriend (i was 13),he looked at me in this beautiful way,its as if he looked past my body past the talk past evry thing to see my soul clearer than i cud my self,he completely lit me up inside evry day,he made me cry so bad it felt like tears of blood,he made me laugh soo hard n smile so big as wel as causen me the worst pain i ever felt,i felt as if i could n would neva lose him,i tought we would marry some day when we were older and had learnt more.i was on air living and breathing pure love,sweet and perfect love.he did hurt me quite a bit,but i no he loved me and neva ment 2 4 any thing,but the way a hurt him was just as bad and that is wot broke us,i couldnt b with the 1 i loved more than any thing but i couldnt b without them eiter.i started to scare my self to death with the tought that we mite not b together 4eva,i neva tought that wud even cross my mind ,...bu it did,n the more often it did i tought this isnt my true love its my 1st love,so now im letting him go,you probably couldnt imagen wot it feels 2 let yr 1st love go the questions that fill yr mind(is it worht it?is he my soul m8?,am i doin the rite thing?)r only a few,but im doing and the tought of living the rest of my life without him,is unbareable,hardest thing i no il ever do.i just hope he no's i love him and i nevr in my heart eva ment ta hurt him,and he no's how thankful i am to him 4 given me his beautiful love,and ta no il neva 4get him 4 as long as i live. r***** lv u. xxxlv s****


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