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we were on our way home, and OUR song came on the radio, we were so happy, it had to be fate

It started in our teens when we were best friends we used 2 do everything together, he was like one of da gals. in the summer holidays he had 2 move away. I cried for weeks and tried 2 get over him leaving but what he didnt know was dat he was more than a friend...i never got 2 tell him that. We kept in concact by calling each other every day, i still thought there was hope until he said he met another girl. We didnt make much contact after that, i was devastated.

Two years later i recieved a phonecall. I didnt recognise the voice at first, but it didnt take me long to realise... IT WAS HIM!!!
I was overwhelmed with joy, and to make things even better he told that he was coming back home!! I asked him about his girl, and he said that things werent working out and he didnt want to talk about it.
a few days later i went to the airport to meet him, my heart was racing and i was so nervous, i didnt know what to expect, would he recognise me? would he have changed? i didnt know...
i was standing there waiting for the plane to land, finally it did and the crowd was moving through the gate... my heart skipped a beat every man looked like him... but then i knew, i went weak at the knees and i ran into his arms and he held me tight. he whispered in my ear that he missed me and i knew straight away, we were meant to be together.

we were on our way home, and OUR song came on the radio, we were so happy, it had to be fate. finally my life was getting back on track, i was happy again, i told him i loved him for the first time ever, and he told me he loved me too, it felt so right.


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