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We struggled for a long time with the fear of what our family and friends would think

My first cousin and I spent 5 years in love secretly from the world. Yet, because we were always around each other a lot of people had suspicion about our relationship. We lived together for 3 years and had struggled with the morality issue of our relationship. At first we thought that we could live in secret, but it got to a point where it was becoming more and more impossible. The first sign was when I first found out I was pregnant by him. The pregnancy was unexpected and unplanned. Unfortunately I was having a miscarriage when I found out about the pregnancy. But by then it was still very early...maybe 1 month tops. That incident woke us up and made us realize that we had to make a decision to either be together or pull apart. But we just couldn't let our relationship go. We struggled for a long time with the fear of what our family and friends would think. Despite our fears our love would not shake loose from each other. happened again. I was pregnant. But this time I was 3 1/2 months pregnant. Panick took us at first, but then we came to the realization that this child made from our love deserved a chance. The same as our relationship. So I gave birth to 2 healthy, beautiful boys. The most beautiful babies I had ever seen. We were estatic. Now we plan to marry and have more children. And nothing and no one can tell us that we can not be together.

I must say we both did our research. In the Christian bibles it specifically tells us who we are NOT allowed to be with. No where does it mention cousins. The risk of birth defects of having children with 1st cousins are low, almost the same as any other couple. This is what we based our decision on. This is why we decided we would be okay.

I am not going to hasn't been easy. Both our sides of our families are having a hard time with it. Our parents more than the rest of the family. Our siblings support us and our REAL friends do as well. Everyone close to us that has doubts about our relationship change their minds once they see our love and our beautiful children. Ultimately, this experience has taught us who we can depend on in times of need.

We just wish that all the close minded people would allow us to live our life and stop trying to destroy our spirit and our love.

Why should we settle for less than the best. That is how we feel about each other in every way.


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