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Don't give up, never give up on love because you only find true love once you don't want that to end

I'm sixteen and I'm in a long distance relationship with the most beautiful girl in the world, she loves me for me. Although she's an hour away and her Dad is keeping me from seeing her, nothing is going to stop me nothing from getting to see my Sweet, kind, gentle Cutie Pie. She's been there for me everyday finding time to talk to me, and I'm always there to calm her when she crys, and its the same when I'm love sick also. She reminds that True Love is worth waiting for, and thats so true. I asked her out the day after christmas, and we both shared our first kiss with eachother on Jan 8th. I will do anything for her, she means the world to me and I always write her poems and long letters every week. When we do see eachother we hold eachother and I feel like I never want to let go, when I have to leave at the end of the dates we both cry and hold eachother tight, we've seen eachother 11 times, in 5 months. If you wait for true love you will be rewarded with something real special. She's the Best thing that ever happend to me and I love her so much, someday we will get married, and we can finally spend the rest of our lives with eachother. Guys treat girls with respect, love, care and most of all stay true to them no matter what then you will feel what true love is all about. I love my sweet Darling so much and I will do anything to make her happy, anything, I would even cut my arm off for her if I had to. I am always hers and I know she is always is going to be mine, don't let friends, parents, and other people tell you otherwise,Follow your heart and follow gods will,even if it hurts be optimistic and stay postive then you will realize anything is possible. Don't give up, never give up on love because you only find true love once you don't want that to end.


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