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i just want us to start all over again

My love for you is so storong,so Deep,
but i know on that day that you i couldnt keep,
I feel it, i dont kno if u do,
but thats what im askin u love me too?

I dont want to hurt or feel any pain
i just want us to start all over again
I dont want to cry but i might just do,
the only reason i would cry all for you.

you flirt with me its kinda fun,
but when your gone it will be over and done,
i cant express my feelings the way i want to,
so instead alls i say is over you.

So now were just freinds,its all we can be,
i miss you so much but this u cant see,
so but ur leaving now and we cant be together,
but i will always love u now.. and forever!
~Lost without u..~


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