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Love is Pain....

Love is Pain....

hab u eva thot u luved somewun soo much? well i hab..have u eva felt da feelin u have fo someone as if butterflies were in ur stomach we ur wid him? i hurts because...i lost someone so special...i neva thot dat love would hurt diz hurts soo much so i cry...tearz r juss drippin from mah eyes rite now...all i kno ish dat love is pain...i kant force mahself to erase all these memories..cuhz da luv we had together is sumthing dat i kant foget...all i kno is that i kant luv no other as much as i luv him...he was da best thing ever dat happened to mee nd mai first...maybee mite be mah last...we were goin out foe 8 months wich was an on nd off felt like he was da one...da things we've done together i kant foget it..because it was a feeling that will stay within mah heart...ever tear dat dropped from mah eyes...u was always there for me wen i needed someone..u always tried to cheer mee up by makin mee laugh..wen i think bak i kant help but cry cause da way u fooled mee...we knew that someday we had to do diz...i juss kant explain da pain u given mee...all i kno is dat ur always in mah heart....well i rote diz too all da grls out there who have gon thru breakups, who have felt the pain of losin somone u truly loved...nd who lost hope nd all there dreams...but remember dat there is somone truly special out there waiting foe you....



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