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all he said was that he was going away and that it was his falt not mine

in 2000 i met a boy at the pub,he was cool and we chatted for got late and the gentaleman that he was he did not want me to walk back home in the dark late at night by he walked me home and i asked him in. we had a of tea. as he went to leave i gave him a kiss on the cheek he moved his head and i thought that he was mad or something with me, he then said i like u j* i like u alot.well people can guess the next part.................we shared long hot nights together after that on a regular basice. then once out of no where he told me he had to finish the relashionship, i asked why and all he said was that he was going away and that it was his falt not mine.i just thought that it was a cheep dumping line.few months had past and still there was no contact from him.i went to see a friend .......who was in prision, when i got there i noticed him in the corner of the room! i questioned my mate about him and i found out why he was there......the man i fell in love with was not nothing apart from a lying barstard who was realy put in prision for sexale harassment. i went mad and i never spook to him again but it is also very hard to let go of someone you love very much.i love him and always will but that man has gone and the new man is not what i realy fell for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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