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Dream Guy

Let's just say its a match made in heaven. It all started out when we were both young and immature and didn't know what the heck we were doing, we didn't do it. We were both in grade school and he had a girlfriend, which was my best friend. He and I were best buds ourselves and I had always had special feelings for him but that was when I was naive and watched too many love movies. He had broken up with my best friend and I was sort of happy but then he looked a bit sad, so i thought why not bring them back together and it worked! But eventually they just fell apart again. Stupid lies and rumors broekn them apart or probably they just didn't want each other anymore. He had begun to like another one of my friends. I was sad and tried to keep them apart but that just wounded me up with a broken heart and a friendship that I thought was definately over. Luckily our friendship stayed and my friends were together.

Then it was a bit odd because he'd ask me to call him everyday. I thought wouldn't he want to talk with his "girlfriend" but no he didn't he wanted to talk to me. I was happier than ever but then again probably he just wasn't comfortable talking to his "girlfriend" about know...things like his "girlfriend".

Graduation soon came. That was the end of it, I thought.
Five incredible years passed and I was in high school. I had many friends and many fans but I never took care of how much people liked me. I was president of student council, took part in many activities afterschool, and always got good grades every semester.

It was my second year in high school when i met him, again. We didn't reconize each other because we had changed alot. He was smarter and neater. I was skinnier, happier, and smarter, myself.

We had met on the first day of school and became friend afterwards. I began to have feelings for him again, and by that time we knew who each other were, he was him and I was me and we knew each other from our young and very naive times. I was going out with a guy and he was going out with a girl.
It was like that for two years until the day before prom night. I, thought, was in love with my boyfriend and, thought, he loved me back but truly he had been seeing someone else from another school. (So that's why he'd always pospone our dates on those Saturdays) So we broke up and I ended up with no date for the prom and thought maybe I shouldn't go; our exams were coming up so why not take the prom night as a studying night alone.

So the following night I stayed home and opened my books and began to study. I was home alone with my younger sister, who has a very big mouth, when the doorbell rings. It was seven, an hour before the prom. I was in my room and had my beautiful white prom dress hung up in front of me.

"There's someone here for you!" my sister yelled from the living room.
I jumped out of my room hoping to see my ex-boyfriend but instead to find him. He was smiling but had tears in his eyes.

"Um... I really don't know why i am crying but... I heard about you and um... that guy (Jerk) and um... heard that you were using fun time as study um... like... would you like to be my date for senior prom?" he said.
"I'd love to but what about um... her?" I said.

"I broke up with her. Not a good reason why but I did. Just felt that... rather be with you than her, you know. Hana...I like you alot. I used her as a thing to stop my feelings from, you know,"

"Shut up...I'm going to get changed. You'd better be here when I return,"
"I will, promise,"

So that night was spent with the guy i had been dreaming about for three years.

Now I can't be happier because he is by my side. I AM THE LUCKIEST WOMAN ON EARTH!


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