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Long Distance Love

My love story is pretty straight foward. I was playig a game at the time, Diablo if anyone has heard of it, well anways, somehow my friend brought us together, we talked and talked, I found myself becoming really addicted to this guy, and I had no idea why. After a while, I got him to get MSN, by that time, My feelings for him were insane. I didn't kno what I felt, all I know is, he has been my bestfriend, best friend for a while now. The time we had a bit of a Problem, Since I'm Canadian and he's American.

we talked so much, at the time, we were just friends, we both were dating casually, but it bugged me everytime I heard about his date, his girlfriend. and him the same. One day I asked for his number, and I got it, I never really been so happy before. We talked on the phone pretty much everyday, not just for a couple hours, we talked for a good 4-6 hours a night.

We both had time to think about what we wanted in life, where it was gonna take us. What we found out, It was taking him to Canada. He came up after about a year of online talking and phone talking. When we met, He was just the way I thought he would be, Didn't think I was inlove, But that night we first kissed, the feelings of his soft, moist, tender lips up against mine, that was it, I knew it was fate.

It's been a year of dating, a year of talking. and well its tragic, He came up here, stayed for 9 months. I worked, I did anything I could for this man. Everytime I look at him all I see is his blond hair, those big blue eyes, and that incredibale smile. I still smell him around me. I wish he was. Our plans were, to go California where he's from for Christmas, that really didn't turn out. I got to the border, and they sent me home, and him to America.

so now, we live 1500 miles apart, everyday I hear his voice telling me everything is gonna be ok, its gonna work out, I hear in his voice just how much we miss one another, Our love is growing over time. but he asked me to get married to him, that's a bonus. He's working down there right now, to mkae some money to get back here and spend the rest of his life with me.

He's all i wanted, and all I'm gonna have. I love him more than myself, He's my world. Everything, and I know all those peope out there that had to deal with smething along these lines, Know how I feel. It's tough, but we have to follow our hearts and do whats right.

I'm never been soo sure about anyting before. But this is meant to be, Its Fate.


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