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Hi there, I'm only 18 (17 at the time I met my girl), so if you're young and in an internet relationship, and getting ready to meet them, you should give my story a read.

I met a girl on about 6 months ago, and I tell you what, it was love at first type. No joke. It didn't take too long before things started running their course. This would be my second major internet relationship, and her first relationship... ever. Everything was new to her, and is still new basically. We decided that we had to meet.... so we did.

We lived about 6 hours away from each other (quite a ways, I know) and I didn't have much driving experience at the time, so..... my mom drove me. She was pretty adament about the whole thing, but knew I would do it no matter what, and she wanted me to be safe. Amy (my girl) didn't mind. Her parents drove her to and from college, so she didn't look down on me for this. I got there, and waited at the clock on her campus where we decided to meet. I was afraid I wouldn't recognize her in person as well as I could in her pictures, but I did. I recognized her immediately. All we did was shake hands, but thats all we could do. We were both so scared, her especially. I asked her if she was scared, she said "no" pretty quick... so that got me thinking that I was the only one there who was frightened to the point of no return. I found out later that she was mortified, only too scared to even see it. Any internet mates out there, keep that in mind - you will both be nervous on the first meeting.

So, we did our plan and catched a ride on the metro train. She was barely talking, and kept looking away a lot. I thought that she was disappointed (little did I know she was frozen with fear). On the metro, a funny thing happened. A couple sat right behind us and started chatting. From their conversation, I picked up that they too were on a first date after meeting online, only they were communicating a lot better than me and Amy were. I wasn't sure if Amy heard them or not, but as we walked away, she said "Did you hear those people behind us?" Amy and I had always thought a lot alike, so I shouldn't have been surprised.

After a crappy aquarium visit, and a walk all over DC, we went back to her college. Everything seemed to be a disaster. Our plans didn't turn out very well, and it was almost time to go. But at her campus, a funny thing happened. She wasn't sure what we could do for the remainder of my visit, so she asked if I wanted to go to campus pool. I said sure, and we went inside. Next to the pooltables, I noticed an air hockey table. I immediately asked her if we could play. I love air hockey. She agreed and said it was her first game ever. And I'll be damned if every little funny thing that can happen in air hockey happened in that very first game. We accidentally hit it backwards, and into our own goals, and kocked the puck off the table, and everything fun about air hockey! She was laughing so hard, I thought she would fall over. In the end, she beat me...... her first game.... She seemed so happy, which made me happy! We played a couple more games and went back out onto campus. We were now officially warming up to eachother. It was dark, so her big brown eyes were even bigger, and she looked so comfortable. She, like me, had a really pale complexion, and loved the dark. She looked great as we walked along campus, touring every single nook and cranny of the facility... probably at least 3 times, just talking. We ended up back at our clock meeting place at around 9 PM, and just sat and talked. Just as things started to get good........ I had to leave....

She walked me back to my mom's car, and we just said goodbye. I had planned on hugging her, but I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes. If I had hugged her, I would have lost it. I didn't want to leave...But... I did.

The next day, of course, I asked her about everything online, and she gave me all the truths - that she was frightened, that she thought I was disappointed, that she wanted me to hug her in the end. I was amazed. We're still together to this day, and planning out our next meeting. We've agreed to be more open with one another on it too. And we've also agreed to cuddle. But anyways...... thats my story. So, if you're planning on meeting that special intaret mate soon, take my advice - Air Hockey.

Trust me


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