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However as time went on we began flirting and then hugging and kissing

I am nineteen years old and I was given up for adoption when I was only 2 weeks old. My biological mother was only 18 when she had me and felt she was to young. So i was brought up in a great family and have had a very good life. When I turned 18 I wanted to find out who my biological family was for medical purposes, so i asked my mom but she told me that she didnt know, so i asked my older cousin who i knew, knew who the family was. Here my birth mother's older sister who was actually going to raise me and all her daughters (27 and older) all live right here in my hometown. I was even working at my (real) first cousins restaurant. Well apparently she knew i was her first cousin, and when i found out i told her that i knew. Well she (my real first cousin) is 26 years old with a husband, two kids (ages 2 and 4) and a restaurant. Her and i began to build up a very close freindship and then i began babysitting her children, and her and i began to grow even more close. We would be at the house alone drinking wine on a nightly basis or at the restaurant drinking wine, and just getting plowed and having a good time. You see her husband is 12 years older then she is. He's 38 years old and she is only 26, so her and i actually relate better then her and him. However as time went on we began flirting and then hugging and kissing and now we are getting into something to deep and we tell each other that it needs to end, but then the next day we are at it again, it is like a love that can't be controlled we are always happy together and we never fight, it is like we always have something to talk about, and we are always talking, she calls me like 4 or 5 times a day, and her husband sees how good we get along and he wants us to end the friendship and all but she refuses to and i don't want to either. So until next time I don't even know how this story will end....


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