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I just never got over him

It was the beginning of the school year. I was in a math class where I was partnered up with this guy who was nice and just did his work with me and was occasionally funny. There was a guy sitting next to us who would joke and play around with us. He would sometimes stare at me in a strange way. He had a partner who was extremely quiet, didn't say a single word unless he was asked for something. About one and a half weeks after the first day of the year, my partner moved away. What's funny is that in that same week, his partner moved away also. So we would do our work together and talk occasionally. We would do class activities outside sometimes and he would always find an excuse to hug me or hold my hand. He was sweet and funny. "This guy's crazy," I thought. But I knew I was slowly starting to like him. One day he told me to sit with him where his old partner used to sit. We did our work while looking at each other and smiling at each other. The class suspected there was a little something between us because he was so sweet with me and because of the way I looked at him. When we were about to leave, he helped me put my binder inside my backpack and everything. He was so sweet. When the bell rang and class was over, he followed me outside and was going to ask me something but he was very, very nevous. He ended up saying "never mind," and walked away slowly and nervously. I went to sixth period and I was as nervous as can be because I knew he was going to ask me out but he was to scared and nervous to do so. The next day, I walked into class and sat down and was about to take out my binder when the teacher told me that i was in this other math teacher's class from now on. I put my backpack on and was opening the door to walk out when I heard him say goodbye to me. I looked back at him and with all of the student's eyes on me and I said goodbye to him. The second I closed that door, I realized how much I was going to miss him. I realized i had fallen in love with this boy. Walked into my new classroom and thought about him throughout the whole period. It just wasn't the same without him. Since we didn't have any classes togrther anymore, he stated to talk to me at lunch time and always being the same sweet boy I had gotten used to spending time with everyday. We were like that for about four and a half months. We exchanged phone numbers and started getting closer and closer until one day he gave me a kiss. It was my first kiss. After that, he told me he was going to walk me home. As we did, I foolishly asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said he did. I asked him who she was and he said it was me. I was his girlfriend. So we walked along the street where I live. I felt like I was the happiest girl on the planet. We talked and kissed and had the perfect time alone. It was all so sweet and perfect but there was a problem. I had three very immature friends who were jelous of me and my perfect relationship with this boy because they had never had something like this happen to them. They were very, very cruel and rude to him. They hated him for being my boyfriend. They made him feel very uncomfortable. It got to the point where they told me I had to choose between them and him. I couldn't so they said they would give me some time to think about it. I walked with him once more and everything was going fine until they popped out when him and I were kissing. They followed us, said some hurtful things, and made us feel very uncomfortable. He said goodbye and left. I knew they said things to him when I wasn't there and eventually he got tired of it and gave up. At one point I knew it was over because he just stopped talking to me. It hurt a lot because I felt that could have prevented it and if I would have been much stronger, I wouldn't have let him go. The days, weeks, and months passed by and i had to see him every single day for the rest of the school year. The school was closed after that year and we started our new school year at a new school built near my house. The new school year stated off badly. I got in fights and barely had any good times. I got to see him a lot because the school was very small and our classes were close to each other. But he only spoke to me very few times. I was very depressed for a long time. I quit going to school for a month and a half. My father got in trouble because of all of my absences and poor grades so he went to court and got arrested. When my days were filled with prblems, I would close my eyes and remember all the happy memories i had with him. I became obsessed with him. I would count all the dreams I had about him, which were over 30, I would cry, write false letters about how in my head things happened differently and him and I were still togrther. It was sad. The only thing that kept me going was myself. My body, my mind, me. I had to keep going. And i did, but i just never got over him. It was very hard to do so because the spot where i had the most wonderful times with him is right in front of my house. Literally, you can look out the window or door and that spot is right there. It looks the same as it did before. I must admit I do have very good looks, but I tend to reject every guy that wants to get to know me. I would feel as if I'm cheating on a boyfriend I don't have. Love knocked on my door once and I let it escape. I hope someone out there can learn from my story and hold on to your loved one. Don't let the circumstances or people around you take your loved one away. And especially when things just don't work, relationships have to end, so learn to move on and forget about the hurtful past and start a new life with someone else. Thank you.


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