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i wont fall in love with anyone nomore

my love story is about me ex.i was the happiest person when we were together..but one day my best friends hated me for being with him and they bragged and kept on hurting em so i ahd to break up with totally killed me day when i was at my best friends place she put him on speaker phone and he didnt know i was there n she asked stuff about me n all he was sayin was like ewwww noo never! i care about u and i was so crushed that i couldnt sleep that night all i did was cry my a$$ off!:( i but today i saw him and he didnt give a **** about me until i started cryin(he didnt see)and i tried to kill myself.He didnt wanna leave my friend so they argued for like 2 mins and then he finally ran after me and started grabbing em to stop doing this ****..but when my friend left he walked me to my school yard where my mom was gonna pick me up.When we walked he stopped me and hugged me.i thanked him for coming down to see me n my friend.we kapt on walking when my cell rang and my mom qwas there .so i hung up and i kept walking.he stooped me turned my body against his and looked me in the eyes and didnt let me go.he kept on hugging me he kissed my cheecks a few times,touched my ass,and he acted all sweet,and he kissed my neck.when i told him i gotta go he didnt let me go but then i told him i had to go..he let me go and walked home..i ran to the car n when i got home from shopping i called him and i was like what was that all about?;) and he was like i did that cuz i was bored...right now ims sitting here cryin and writing this ****...i feel so crushed..:( i wont fall in love with anyone nomore


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