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I Stayed For Him

I didn't meet Steve tell the beginning of my freshmen year of high school. He was in my study hall class. He's the type of guy that will always make the class laugh. Through my friends I ended up getting his email and added him to my MSN list. That's where it all began.

We would spend countless night chatting on the internet and finally on the phone. It wasn't until that December that we began to hang out together. Finally though, he asked me out and gave me an innocent goodnight kiss.
We have been together for almost 2 years now, with a little break. But it wasn't until recently that I knew that this was for real.

This November I learned that my mom was moving to Washington and she wanted me to move with her. This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. When I told Steve about the fact that I was almost for sure moving, I saw a side of him I never saw before.

We were laying on his bed together and he puts his arms around me and gave me the hugest hug ever. I told him that it wouldn't be that bad, and that if we were meant to be we could do it. Even though we both new it would be a hard thing to do. He looked at me with and said, "I can't live without you." And that is when I saw him cry over me. He hugged me again and I could feel the tears running down his face. Then I started to cry too. He took his hand and wipped the tears away and told me he loved me.

Steve is the macho type guy too. Seeing him cry was one of the most touching things. I love him and he loves me. We both talk about getting married, and you know, I bet you we will. I ended up staying with my dad and not moving. And now Steve and I are both stronger than we have ever been.


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