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deep down i know we will always be together. i know it! I am strong. not weak!

hey. me and my man met online. i was 13 and he was 16. we met cause i went to school with his litle brother. we have been talking online and stuff and we liked each other. we decided it was time to meet. so we met up at the santa monica prominade. it was wonderful. he was everything i was looking for in a guy. and so we hung out that day and we grew a special bond that would soon be called love. later that day he asked me out and i said yes. we have been together for a long time. we have been throught many hard aches and stuff. without age. and our fighting. we used to fight alot. about the stupidest things. but now its alot better. i know it seems kinda lame. but i love him so much. he and i have lost our virginity together. and we have both met each others parents. something that neither one of us has done before. i know we have something special.we wil always be together. i knwo it. and thought people doubt us. deep down i know we will always be together. i knwo it! i am strong. not weak!


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