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Love is a test to the heart. And this is one test that I know I'll pass.

My story is quite simple. About three years ago I met a guy name R. At first R and I didn't get along. We had one of those love and hate relationships that a lot of people found cute. Well, after a few months R and I became the best of friends. He opened up to me about his relationships and how he felt about certain things. He then told me he wanted to be with me. I turned him down, cuz I was with someone at the time. I stopped talking to him and as time went on we lost touch with one another. a couple months after me and him stopped talking I decided to move to another state . . . and that's when me and my boyfriend broke up. Well, I then decided to make a home in my new state and just forget the life I had before I made my move. One day R sent a letter to my old address asking about me about a year after I moved. My mother found the letter and sent it to my new address. Well, R and I started to keep in touch again. It was like things didn't chang between me and him. He was just as funny and sweet as the day we first met. I really didn't want to be with him, but R was so contagious . . . . and he didn't take no for an answer. Well, we decided to do the long distance relationship for awhile to see if we could make it work. Well, after six months of talking on the phone forever, few visits to see one another, and unlimited amount of laughs . . . he asked me to be his wife. I swear I just jumped for joy and no one could wipe the smile off my face that he put there. Well, I moved back to where I was originally to start my life with him . . . my fiance. We were so happy, making plans and just making sure to shout to the entire world that we were in love . . . literally. Well, every love story has a sad ending, right? A few months after I moved back he got arrested and he won't be home, until two years from now. I guess what makes this story even worse is the fact that I'm also pregnant. Tears won't make this pain go away . . . It just hurts so bad. All in all, this is a love story, because even if he'll be away for two years, I plan on still loving him with every ounce of my heart. I was angry at him, but then I realize soemthing: Love is a test to the heart. And this is one test that I know I'll pass.


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