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I hugged her for say many minutes, my heart was throbbing... she became a kind of goddess.


I was in love with the girl in my school. She liked me too. I lost her because of my strange behaviour, nervousness and people consciousness.

I still love her, but I know I lost her.

I fell in love with another one, very deep love... I could have made her mine, but I was too late.

I again fell in love, we had dinner together, chatted together... she was a virgin and said fun without love makes no sense... same was true for me. We came very close to each other, but many guys too were crazy for her... I always got special treatment and attention from her...

Once she was sitting at night in a dance floor in full lights, many boys were sitting with her. All the people I knew were there. I was so much afraid even to go near the dance floor. I was hiding myself. It was her last night and the next morning she was leaving. I wanted to meet her, but the fear of many people and barging into many boys sitting with her made me think that if I go to her, she may ignore me asI saw her from far away laughing and having fun.

I went to my home. But then I took a deep breath and came back to the floor. But this time sat much behind her with my another gossiper friend... I gathered courage to go near her, I was sweating and acting funny. I determined that moment that go to her and atleast say her good bye.

I went near her, all the people were watching me. I sat next to her, looked at her, she looked at me too. I took her hand, kissed it. All the other boys' faces became angry and they didn't recognize me. I took over the heart of my girl, took off my ring and wore it to her. She had tears in her eyes and then we looked and looked and looked into each others eyes... Then we kissed passionately...
She told me, she was waiting for me for may days and was wishing if the last night of hers she could atleast have a glimplse of my face.

I hugged her for say many minutes, my heart was throbbing... she became a kind of goddess.

I dropped her home, and I went to my home.

In the morning she left, I too left in search for her and by chance we met in the middle of a big city and we hugged for long.

Now she has gone... I have written a mail to her... strangely her reply has not come yet... she is coming back in 5 months... we both are virgins... I hope the relationship grows...

I leave everything now to the lord behind the blue skies, if my destiny is to cry for the one I love and loose all the time or really there is someone for me :-)

I love you all and I wish you all a very lovely life full of love and blessings.

PS. I am 22 years old boy... she is 26 years... so beautiful that all the boys get crazy for her...


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