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It all started in the 8th grade

It all started in the 8th grade when a* and I first hook up.Then the school year was over.We kept in touch over the phone and he use to come over my house because he only lived up the street.Moreover it was time to go to high school, but the problem was that we was'nt going to the same high school, but we kept in touch.Then in november in 2004 I stop recieving phone calls from him.So since my cousin went to the same school he did I ask her have she seen a* and she said that she havent been seeing him lately.So the months past and still no sign or word from him so I cried at times because I thought something terrible happen to him.well now its apirl 2005 and I was riding in the car with my mom and I saw a boy who looked 100% like him but I wasn't sure because I didnt have my glasses on. The next week in school my friend told me that a* came around there on saturday and was playing ball eith her little brother.She also told me that he live in virgina now.After I heard that I felt so heart broken because he just left without saying goodbye and all them times I cried for him because I thought he was dead.I know 1 thing the next time I see him I'm gonna curse His a** out. PEACE


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