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everyone said it would not last but look 9 years and growing stronger

everyone said it would not last but look 9 years and growing stronger

I meet the love of my life when i was only 12 years old. It was a hot summer day i was at the pool wit my girls it was just like every hot summer day we would go to the pool. but this day it was different becaue i would never go there looking for boys or even looking at them but any ways this day when i walked in to the pool i could not stop looking at this boy there i was asking my girls who is this dude they was like i have no idea and we usally knew the people who was there cuz we went almost everyday then i seen the boy walk over to phatz and i knew him cuz we went to the same school so when i seen phats walk away from dude i walked up to him and was like who is that fine ass boy he was like thats my cuz from da bean
i was like oh yea what his name he was like Took i was like ok then so i went back to my girls so i could tell them his name and s*** as soon as i walked over i seen phatz going to him and pointing at me i sen Took coming over i was like oh my goodness what im i going to do cuz i never felt what i was feeling when i seeen him with no other boys so you know i was so scared but when he walk over to me he was like hi im Took and you would be i went to say my name anh he was like shay-shay i was like how you know he was cuz i seent u looking at me and i was like whos dat cuz shes dope. i was like is that right he was like sore nuff i gave him my # and he called the same day and was like can i came see you i was like sore but bring you boy for my girl so the came we chilled they left i told my girl that i loved him he was going to be the father of my kids and we was going to get married she was like girl you trippin you dont even know him like that and he live 20 min away from you its not like hell come see you every day he came every other day and he called every day and on weekend i went to see him in the bean from the day at the pool we were together all the time and my girls his boys my family his family was like its just puppy love it want last your to young well now im 21 hes 23 we have 2 kid our son lil Took is 3 our daughter nay is 1in a half and we are getting married April 20 2006 i now it still awhile and we have had some problems but who doesnt and we was young and we got throw it and we love each other and our kid and we are happer then ever and everone said it would not work out and look 9 years and more in love with each other then we was ever before so we showed you phatz and LaLa oh yea the haters me and took had phat and lala good luck with youlls baby hope it a boy to be just like his pops see thay hated and it took the 7 years to relized they was in love too and maybe if they werent all up in our bi they would have knew they like each outher and could have been together as long as took and i


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