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i met my baby in the summer of 1996 we were young

hi ya'll let me start this off like this i meet my baby in the summer of 1996 we was young and i was not feeling him at first dont get me wrong he was fly as s*** but i was young and wasent in to him like that we grew and became best friends for a long time but he was feeling me hard and wanted me to be his girl but i was not ready to give it a try because i've seen it before your friends wit someone and then you mo and it dont work out in the end. we was banging hard we was tighter then tight we rolled together everyday we did everthing together well almost everything cuz we never even kissied.we alway chilled in the block he would come get me got go to the block your ordenary hood nigga but he was so nice a day he came and picked me upi thought it waslike everyday day we was going to hit the block but that not even what happend we went to dinner at applebees my favorit then to the movies so i was like ok he want to show me he could go places other then the block and give all his atition but i was still not trying to here it cuz we all know how the friend then lovers work out usally it dont so we was going back to my house when he pulled the car over i was like i know just cuz it took out i know he dont think his is getting the ass but i was wrong thats not even want he wanted he grabed my hand and was like you know i been feeing you for a hot min and you know it all love from me and i know you dont want to mess up are frindship but i would be honered if you would be my girl then he was like before you say anything let me show you something firt he pulled out the ring and was like this ring is a promise ring a promise that i will never break your heart and if it dont work out a promise that we can still be friends well guess what i said of coure it would be my pleaser to be your girl and it sure was cuz he gave it to me good and that night was the first night we ever did and i was like damn if i would have knew you could make me feel this good i would have been your girl a long time ago now we have a 2 year old daughter our love is still strong and grows stronger every day but now my happyness tured to pain cuz now he is in jail for a good while and i will be in pain tul the day he comes home we have been together know for 7 years and i hope he will come out soon so we can be happy again but intul the day he comes back to me i will hold it down for him and our daughter cuz i got his back HIT MAN i love you and miss you so much boo ill be here waiting for you with my arms wide open


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