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I just love everything about him

it all started when i went to the movies with my best guy friend and my friends. Well he invited his friend **** and we seperated. That night i found out that he went to my school. I had asked my best friend if i could have his number and i got it. I later called him and talked to him. It was kinda awkward but i soon got over it. I later found out that he had a gf and he had been with her for about 7 months. He told me secrets that he wouldnt even tell his best friend. Though later he got dumped and he found out that his gf was cheating on him. I tried to help to comfort but he still isnt over her. I really do like him. And the good thing about it was that a couple weeks later he gave me my first kiss. I know that he likes me and i know that he is going to make the first move but i just dont know when. He is just so sweet. He calls me babe baby and he calls me a hot eighth grader and a beautiful person. I just love everything about him!!!


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