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i broke up with him because i dont wanna hurt him i dont like him

when i migrated here in America and i went to school in central high school i saw this guy he always looking at me and told myself '' who's this guy a ugly guy who look at me'' everytime i walk through to my class i always saw day me and my friend talking she ask me why i dont have a boyfriend i told her'' i dont want to have a boyfriend because im scared to cried,,,and that day at lunch my friennd call me again and she told me that someone like me i ask her who? when she point the guy that always looking at me i said to my self'' what?,,that guy?'' and they call him and he looks shy and i ask him if he want to go to cafeteria he said yes,,,, we talk and talk when my class is done he always wait for me and i said'' my god pls let him go away'' i really dont like hin and then he ask my yahoo messenger and i give him at 9 we chat and and knowing ourselves and i said i like teddy bear then tommorow morning he open his bag and said'' i have a surprised'' then i saw a teddy bear,,,he said he have one too mine is a boy and him is a girl,,,and a gain we go chat at 9 pm he said if i want to have a relationship i said i think about it because i dont have an experience to have a boyfriend,,,,1 week and a half i said ''yes''so that i forgot my crush and then 2 days later i broke up with him because i dont wanna hurt him i dont like him,,,and then i realize my crush doesnt like me why should i force myself then he ask me again i said yes!!! 2 months past and i started to fall inlove with him he always protect me and he is so nice,and he said he dont like me,he loves me,,,im the only girl that he introduce to his family and i introduce him too and we have a lot of memory and now we 6 months and a half we broke up because i too much control him and i dont trust him i know he really love me so much and everytime i want to talk to him he run and go away,,,and
now i did everything to get him back,he said he already move one,,,,but im still hoping that oneday theres a v* n* tell me'' i still want and love you!!! and i cannot live without you''

in my heart i still want and need him and i really love him so much


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