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i gave up my true love for the sake of reason! don't do that!

They say true love doesn't exist, but i'm afraid it does. I went to Paris for a two-week language course and 5 days before I was leaving i got together with C, who was there for a year. We actually arived on the same day and spotted each other the very first day in the room of like 50 people. we spent the most amazing 5 days - we were truly unseparatable and i knew he was the one - he read my mind and we liked same strange things. after 3 hours with him i felt as if i knew him forever. the only downfall was that when we had our first kiss - on the top of Monmartre with the whole Paris bellow and someone playing Wonderwall, it was CRAP! well he got better in a little while and it was perfect. I knew i loved him within 18 hours. and then i had to go. we agreed that we will consider each other bf abd gf, until someone better comes along. but did nt work out that well - we were in love so he started coming to England to visit me and we were getting closer all the time, spending hours on the net/phone every day. Then i went to visit him in Paris for my birthday and we had the longest kiss in History on the top of La tour eiffel! but then i realised that i cant do it any longer - he was going to the states for 3 years and i felt like my life was going a waste. so i gave up my true love for the sake of reason! don't do that!


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