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Long Distance Love

My boyfriend and I met exactly 1 year and 4 months ago. We've been together since the day we met. But it hasn't been easy. We met, hung out for a week, then I moved up to college. He would drive up every couple of weekends, and it would be so wonderful, I would cry every time he left. When he was here my whole life was better. Its not easy being 18 and all of a sudden in this long distance relationship when you've never had a serious relationship before. Then he got sent to combat in Iraq, five long months of wondering. We wrote so many letters, but the mail system wasn't that great. When we were finally reunited, it was almost surreal, I wasn't sure if we were even the same people anymore as we had both gone through changes. Luckily we are growing together.

Now we are still working out the problems of him being in Iraq for so long, but I still feel that same love, while there were times when I would be so jealous of other couples that get to see each other every day, I'm not jealous anymore, I still only get to see him every couple weekends, but what we have is so special the distance doesn't matter, and soon, he is getting out of the Marine Corps and moving up near me and for the first time for us, we'll get to have a "normal" relationship where we can see each other every day. He always says if love was easy, everyone would be in it, how true that is, but this relationship has been worth every tear!


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