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Long Distance Love

Its been 10 months for my boyfriend and I but I moved away for school 4 months ago, I have only seen him twice since then. He means more to me then anyone on this planet and he has stuck by my side, we talked everyday sometimes a couple of times a day, each phone call sends shivers through my body cause I know I finally get to hear his voice even if the calls are quik like a simple hey, how was your day, and I love you , I will call you before i go to bed. Those simple words makes my whole day.

I came home for a couple of days and he was their waiting for me at the airport with a huge smile on his face that made me go into tears, he held me and said I missed you so much and I love you. We spent every second of my time home together hand in hand and being happy for each other. Not everyone gets to fall in love but I have been lucky enoguh to experience it and believe me its something unforgetable.


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