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This is an uncommon story that I’m about to tell you…really. So uncommon that most people think it’s crazy. Especially the ones who don’t know either of the 2 persons in this same story…Anyway here it is…You just need to know that this is a true story and that it will be more form the girl’s side that I will talk because I’m closer to her then him…

Ok first there is this girl, 17, French high school girl. Kind of attracted by a relationship but scared…so nothing happens. But one day she meets him. He is a boy, 20, Arabian worker. He works in computer more precisely. When they met, of course, they don’t know a simple stuff about each other…

They meet because they both watch the show called “Buffy”…And one evening, Buffy draws them together. The least we can say is that their first encounter is brief…5 minutes. But right at this moment something has already happened, probably destiny…Anyway they leave barely knowing each other…The next days, they meet and discover a little bit more. She discovers who he is and he does the same for her…Everything is talked in English because he doesn’t speak French and she doesn’t practise Arabic…Time flies by… They meet more and more often and spend hours talking about themselves and others stuffs…stupid or deep. Whatever.

Little by little he falls for her. And admits it to her. She doesn’t want this kind of relationship. Therefore she pushes him back and tries to distance them. She tries, but she doesn’t. Because she can’t and it seems there is always something linking her to him. So she gives up and keeps having contacts with him. And it goes on like that…For 4 months. He has understood that he mustn’t talk about his love feelings. So he doesn’t. And he patiently waits, being her confident.

On her side she knows it; she is getting even more attracted by him. She can’t deny it to herself anymore. Denial land is a wonderful place but you quickly get kicked out…Anyway, she finally admits it to herself. And it feels good... strange, but good. Then there is this day, when they meet and talk again. And as usual it’s great. As usual he has the power to make her feel everything the good way…And to make her laugh too. At this moment, she knows. She knows that she might be ready. She decides it’s time to let him know. And she tells him. The 3 words. The least we can say is that he is falling from high and he stops joking. He is lost. And she is even surer that it’s right when he tells to her that she doesn’t have to tell him that all if she doesn’t mean it. She repeats it and insists on the fact that it’s true. Then comes a long explanation about how it won’t be easy and all...They finally figure it out. And God it feels good! They left each other, happy. She decides to inform her friends knowing it won’t be accepted at all...She is right. Most of them don’t. Or they don’t try. She knows she will have to fight to make them start to understand or even to persuade them to try. But she doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter because they are in love.

Time flows by…Friends get used and she even grows closer to people who really make an important attempt in not blaming her… They warn her though. She doesn’t really listen to them.

Comes the time when she must leave for a trip. 9 days. Nothing big, but still. It’s the first separation. It won’t be easy not being able to be in contact all that time. But they surely won’t forget. The trip is great. She doesn’t stop thinking about him and he surely does the same. Then she must come back. During the travel she thinks he has forgotten her. And it hurts. Like hell. She decides that they should stop. She will tell him…when she’ll be back. Waiting, she cries all that she can in her best friend’s arms. And he is great. She breaks up with her man the next day. Even if she has discovered that he hadn’t forgotten her at all. On the contrary. But still she says she doesn’t think she can handle the situation anymore. He is lost and tries to convince her. She holds back. She decides to prevent any contacts for the moment. It lasts something like 5 days. She can’t. Therefore she goes back. As friends. Her mistake. Everything crashes back to her. How sweet he is, how careful he can be. How she let herself loves him again. And whereas he tries to make himself an idea of the new situation, she asks him to forgive her and to go back with her because it’s too hard and that she loves him. He is scared. She hurt him. He doesn’t want to get hurt again. But love gets the upper hand. And they start something again.

Days, months are spending like that. Laughs, cries, confessions, admissions, statements and declarations. Couple life. Basic. Her friends still can’t accept it entirely. But as long as it doesn’t stop them, she goes over. She is in love. And it seems that the feeling gets deeper everyday. Kind of scary but here, she is not alone. He feels the same. And they don’t hide anything to each other. So of course it’s not easy because they can not really live their love the way they want it yet. But they keep hoping and praying so that one day they will have the life they have imagined during all this time. Now, more than one year, three brief break-ups after, great moments shared and lots of memories built, they are still in love. Even more now than this 5th of February, when everything changed. Because everyday they share more and everyday they know. That somehow it must have meant to be. Written somewhere.
During the month of September, they faced the illness, together. She thought she was about to lose him. She cried and prayed every night to stop the tragedy to happen. And somehow God heard her. And she found her lover back. She has thought about when she had declined his metaphorical offer to marry him…And she has made a decision. That’s why when he announces her that he will be ok she asks him to marry her. Because all what they went through has shown her how much she doesn’t see life without him. He, of course, said yes. And they got married in the most symbolical way possible because they know it’s not possible just yet. But still they give each other that proof to complete what’s missing for the moment…They have all lifetime to do it at real. And when it will happen it will be perfect. Like everything else…

The more the time goes on, the more they need each other… When she can’t talk to him and see him when she wants, she gets insane. He does the same…A philosopher once explained that we don’t really love someone because we just love qualities and stuffs like that and that after a while, it disappears and love can not be anymore…The difference in here is that it’s not about qualities anymore…Not even about things we can describe because it’s about magic somehow…When they find each other back everything feels right, everything is back in place and feels perfect…Because they feel each other and learn to know themselves through each other…Because they feel complete only when they are together…Because somehow true love found a way.
And now after telling you all that, explaining their feelings the deepest way possible, if now I told you that what they are living can’t be lived entirely yet just because they haven’t seen each other? Just because those two strangers who met once and fell in love are living an internet relationship? Would u think that it worth less? Because they are living 3000 km away from each other and can not meet just yet. No matter how hard they try and how much it makes them sad sometimes. They hope, they pray, they love in order to be able to hold each other in the comfy ness of a bed or just walk hand in hand in the street. And to finally show to all those people that they were wrong and that they worked it out finally. For the best. Because those two love each other very much and keep faith. That’s why this situation hurts them a lot. And if I can tell it’s just because I’ m the girl in matter. I’m Vanessa. And the boy, Yousef, is my boyfriend, my best friend and my husband.

So now guys… Tell me the truth…Does it feel false? Does it feel wrong? After putting down all the deepest edges of my soul, can you tell me it’s not love that we live? Can you tell me it isn’t worth the prayers and the truth?
Cos in the end all that is not about us anymore, but about Love.


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