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It's god's will

I am in my twenties when i had my very first boyfriend whom i get in love with. It was in October last year when i was included in a loop of friends thru e-mail and where i've meet my boyfriend. Our first encounter was during the talked facilitated by Bo Sanchez where He fetched me up in the boarding house. At first i never knew he'll courted me knowing it was all the friendship thing i thought we had shared and as our correspondence progressed; He just wanted that we can see each other often . We go to church together and he is even active in an organization that impressed me and i was able to find out that he's indeed a God fearing man. We both have rapport with each other and our communication are open. He knows my family background and so am i to his side. We enjoyed so much with each other and we shared something beyond friendship. After three months of good companionship he told me about his calling of becoming a priest, his sleepless nights and the dream that wake him up at night. His intentions was only to let me know of what was bothering him lately. He wants that our relationship will grow even more stronger then and wait until November this year for the sign if he's gonna enter into the seminary but i felt the other way around and it hurts me in some ways i couldn't explain because i am falling for him. It was so hard then to weigh... as her girlfriend; i want to hold him back but as his bestfriend ; he needs my understanding and support. And besides i feel ashamed about myself to question God. No matter how it hurts me so i made my decision to let him decide and whatever the outcome i must have to accept it and learn to let him go. We both know that what we feel for each other is true but God has other plans and we need to obey HIS will. For me He's my best but the situation never allow us both...perhaps God has reserve his best for me. And sooner he'll be leaving and we need to part ways. It's still a long journey to take and what future awaits it's only in the hands of God. We both wish that what we had now is part of our trials and until we meet again in God's time to materialize the dreams we both had once when were together.


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