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Not much I can do but place my heart into the burning fires

What is so wrong with wanting to be in love,
When itís a right given from up above?
I believed every word his luscious lips spoke
And in the process it was my heart that he broke.
I love him dearly I canít deny
But thereís no way in hell heíd be my guy.
He played me for a fool and he won the game
I donít know if my heart now will love the same.
I see him in the distance smiling upon my face
Why canít he just reappear and fill this empty space.
He is the thoughts of my morning, the thoughts of my night
And this woman who has him at this moment just isnít right.
I offered my heart with nothing in return
But yet here I am alone with the bridge that he burned.

I wish I didnít love you as much as I do
But I canít help the fact that my heart yearns for you.
I miss the sensation of your lips upon mine
How when we were together we lost track of time.
Do I across your thoughts at least for a minute
Because there is not a day gone by without you in it.
If she is who your heart desires
Not much I can do but place my heart into the burning fires.
You have my heart and everything I am
But you laughed at me and I fell for the scam.
How can I love someone who doesnít love me
Hey itís the only way I know life to be.
I think you are afraid of my heart with yours
Just grab a hold and let your heart run its course.
I can make you happy that I promise you
Just open yourself up and you will see to
That a love like ours can only be seen through.


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