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I miss him so

i tried getting with his boy for 5 months we were off and on seeing eachother but then about a month ago he finally asked me out, i was so happy. it was a bit weird at the start because his my best mate and we go to the same school. We was getting on so well we was with eachother in lessons talking and having a laugh and at lunch hugging and having a fantasitc time i couldnt of been happier. We texted eachother everynight about everything. until about 4 days ago he didnt text me back one night and i know he had credit because he told me that day he got some, so i was really worried and he was on msn and wasnt tal~king to me and i was a picture of i think was his ex on his display picture so i said are you dumping me for your ex he said no but im really not sure.
Whenever his ex used to text him when we was getting together he wouldnt text me back so i thought that maybe she got him to like her which really upset me.
i went through so much with my ex i had nearly gotten beaten up by some people that didnt like the idea of us to and i gt called names and i lost mates even my family and my friend didnt stick by me but i convinced them that he was different and he was special.
Then out the blue on msn bout 2 days ago he says " Do you think it was better when we was mates"
i sed no i think its the same because we have always been like we have been going out" and all that but he just wanted to be mates bcz he didnt feel the same.
i jus miss him soo much i cant stop thinking about him.


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