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That is the first time in my life that I loved a person so much

I am 19 years old and in love with an man. I guess I am bisexual but I love girls. It began in a chat room. I met a guy who was much older then me about 50 years. We just talked from day to day. We laughed, had so much fun together. So after a year i met him finally. The thing is that he is married and I dont want to create any problem. Anyway we met the first time and it was like in a dream I had. From the first time i saw him i wanted to have a good friendship to him. He is truly so important for me. So after an month I spent with him(we meet always) I went back home and let me tell you it was the hardest thing in my life ever. I spent crying at home EVERY DAY. I just couldnt sleep, no eating, just nothing...after 7 months I still feel the same. I still cry. It pains more than anything in the world. We talk sometimes about phone but not like we did before. I always pray that ill see him and just that we can talk to each other and be friends. He told me that he will always be here for me and we will be always friends... I just dont want to wake up every morning and to cry and to be unhappy. I want to have something to looking forward. That is the first time in my life that I loved a person so much. Thank you guys for listetning to me...please leave a message


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