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A Fellow Anime Fan

I didn't want a bad boy: I wanted a geek, someone to eat cold pizza and watch anime and play video games with. And though I looked and hoped for years, I never thought I'd find one who was at all interested in me. And yet, through a mutual group of friends, I met Him. Since my roommate was trying to hook me up with another guy (who I was unsure about my feelings for), we were both too shy to make a move, but we hung out with the same friends, attending group movie nights in the hope that the other would be there. We chatted on IM often and became close friends, bonding to the point where I was able to open up and tell him about my depression- and surprisingly, he was cool with it, assuaging my fears.

So time went by with our friendship still growing, but both of us wishing for more, as it came to the weekend before final exams. I was hosting a dinner party for all my friends, and He, of course, was there, too. After we ate, the huge group settled around the TV to watch Christmas cartoons, and the group slowly shrank over the next few hours until it was only the two of us. We ended up chatting alone until 4 o'clock in the morning about nothing and everything. As he got up to go, I knew I had to do something to thank him for being so wonderful, for making me feel special, and so on his way out, I managed to give him a huge hug. He was stunned at first, but once the shock past, returned it with equal affection.

Oddly enough, things were comfortable from that point, and not very nervous. We met for breakfast before the last day of exams (my gigglingly thinking this was a date or something, but not daring to hope), and parted ways with another hug. We were close, but something wasn't quite right.

The next night, when we were both at home, we stayed up until 3am (again), talking on IM and commisserating about being lonely... little did I know that at that point, he had begun to compose the sweetest note that I have ever read, telling me how special he thought I am, telling me how much he valued our friendship, and finally asking me out.

And in a way, the rest is history. Though we couldn't see one another for two and a half weeks after that, we soon shared our first "real" hug, our first kiss, and many many more days of happy geekiness. Things haven't always been perfectly smooth, but we're always there for one another, knowing that neither of us could find someone just as perfect as the other, and always ready to curl up under the blankets with a frozen pizza and the Playstation.


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