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realistically i might never get to met her again. but i will always love her

back in mid 2002, i used to go to the national library. i have always been a reserved person and i had never had never really liked any girl before. one day i saw this strange looking girl in the library. she looked strange, i mean the way she looked, the way she dressed and the way she carried herself. i dont know how to describe it, probably it was curiosity, she was walking past me, and i looked at her and she looked at me very arrogantly and then turned her head away.then a year passed and in mid 2003 i saw her again.this time i suddenly felt that she was attracted to me, somhow i felt it. she was as reserved as me, and she looked really arrogant from the outside just like we met everyday it started out i suddenly she started dressing up. one day when she was sitting in front of me, i looked at her and realised that she was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. and it seemed she also was in love with me. but me being an extremely aloof person ignored her , and she never came back again. the a 4 months later i again saw her in the library. this time it started again and we were madly in love.but then again i repeated my same mistake and she went away. since then i have never stopped dreaming of her, and i curse myself for my stupidity. i feel that i was the luckiest guy in the world because so many people dont really get to meet the girl of their dreams, and i did, and she loved me more than i loved her, and yet i was stupid enough to throw everything away.since the 1st january 2005, i am working in delhi, and she is still somwhere in kolkata. so realistically i might never get to met her again. but i will always love her.


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