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he calls me his beautiful princess and our story is very much the stuff of fairy tales

My Knight in Shinning Armour

My boy friend is my knight in shinning armour, and he calls me his beautiful princess and our story is very much the stuff of fairy tales. I was on a scholarship at a very posh school in England, full of rich snobs. I had a boyfriend, who didnt appreciate me at all and i wasnt very happy with him. One day in November, My parents both got new jobs, working for some very successful people, who were millionaires recently returned from America where they had been living for the past five years. We were invited to their house for a dinner. My parents told me about the family. Their son was an only child.
We arrived at their house which was absolutely massive, they had six cars, a driver and a housekeeper.
When i walked into their lounge i saw the most handsome boy i had ever seen. He had dark blue eyes, Floppy blonde hair, and an incredible smile. HE was sitting on the sofa with a guitar and singing an Eva Cassidy. He had a soft slightly American accented voice that made me go weak at the knees, and he was nothing like the rich boys at my school.
He came to the same school, and the headteacher asked my boyfriend to show him round. He noticed how i always tensed up round my then boyfriend. on his first day he came over to me at the end of the day where i was waiting to be picked up by my mum and he gave me a note. WHIch said if i ever needed anythimg that i should just ring him or go to his house.
That was when i knew i loved him. i spent more and more time with him and found that i could be free with him and that i didnt have to be scarred of him, like i was of my then boyfriend. He taught me how to play the guitar and also Karate which he is now a black belt in. A couple of weeks later he took me to a waterfall and i told him i loved him and he told me he loved me. i said that if we were together then we would face lots of ridicule at school. He said - i would prefer to be hated for been me than liked for been someone he wasnt, and then he kissed me. Like i haad never been kissed before, it was incredible.
The first day back at school after our kiss, and my boyfriend attacked him which was a big mistake. My current boyfriend wiped the floor with him and said that if anyone ever hurt me, they would have him to deal with.
Fove years on we are both at the same university training to be laywers and still madly in love with each other.


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