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if its true love, it will always stay with you. this ends up to be a sad love story but ill tell you anyways..well it all started when i was a junior in high school, when i met him. I had seen him before. i thought he was gorgeous, but he had a girlfriend and i never thought i would get a chance with a guy like that anyways. Then one day, my cousin, who sort of knew him went up to him and one of his friends and we all kinda just clicked. They invited us over and we all hung out. From that day on we were inseparable friends. We shared some of the best times i have experience in my life so far, things ill never forget. Well anyways, my cousin had sort of had a thing for him, and she was pretty he was cute, so i figured they would get together. And one day we were hanging out at his house, four of us, and another freind had told me that he told him that he liked me. I was shocked, a boy like him, liking me. And i also extremly happy too, over the course of the two months i had grown to care for him, but never said anything, because i didnt want to hurt my cousin. Then that same day, he had gone into the other room. I went in to talk to him (we were close, we could tell each other anything)and i asked him straight out if like my cousin and he said "no" and i said do you like me which is surprising because im shy, and he said "yes". After that i didnt know what to do, i loved my cousin and didnt want to hurt her, but i liked him so much and actually had a chance. One night, his dad picked us up from and ice cream place and we brought home my cousin and he asked if i wanted to go to his house and i said yes of course. We were talkign hanging out, being goofy. Then wesat on the bed and started to kinda cuddle, rated G cuddling. Then he just leant in and kissed me. I didnt know what to do. I was so nervous, i had only kissed one other guy. After that, he made me feel so comfortable with it, he was sweet caring, and made me feel happy and good about myself. My cousin found out the next day. He had walked halfway to the bridge to meet me, it was going to be just me and him that day, but me cousin and 2 of our friends had seen him and followed him. Things got out. But time passed, she was mad but things just went on. (Sounds bad but if you knew everything, you wouldnt think i was like i sound). Well, me and him became even closer than we were. We hung out that whole summer, everyday we didnt have to work. i had grown unbelieveable close with his family (so close they cried when things ended.) We acted as though we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but never titled it until mid summer. We were lying down, i remember the day, and the momment. We were so happy. Those 3 months were the best of my life, the good times, bad times, all of it, i would give anything to get back the feeling of happiness he brought me. The was no real reason it ended. He "didn't want a girlfriend". But he said he still wanted to be the best friends that we were. Now its 6 months later. We dont talk,he's so cruel, does things he never did before, never thought he could. i blame myself for the way he is. i think, i we never started anything, we could still be the best of freinds, which is something i wish i could get back, more than our relationship. It kills me to think that i love him, cause i dont want to fall in love with someone who doesnt love me back. I miss our past and memories too.
I just wish that i can get over this. I liked another boy and finally stopped think of him, but after i found out the friend i had started to like, liked my friend, i started to go back to the memories, remebering him. Im going away to college this year, and i wont see him in school. I know that he's gone, but ill never forget all that he gave me, anyways you cant forget love, its always with you, no matter how bad you want it to leave, if its true love, it will always stay with you.


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