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my relationship so full of true warmth and love

So my boyfriend and I have been together a wee bit more than 13 months. I'm a HS senior, he's a college freshman.

We met in September of '03. I was just starting junior year, he was starting his senior year, and I thought he was sort of cute but a tad bit quiet. Of course, having bad luck with guys, I sat back and bided my time... and warmed up to him some. He sat at my lunch table with his best friend, and we had loads of fun cracking jokes and such.

Homecoming was where I noticed that he just might like me. He asked me to dance, and I could've SWORN he was either looking into my eyes or down my dress. Even teased him about it once. All in good humor, of course. New Year's Eve, he pulled me into his lap.

Shortly after New Year's, I 'fessed up, and he was the first guy to ever return the sentiment with me! Boy, was I excited.

First date was Valentine's Day - after it got snowed out on the day we'd originally planned; we went with his best friend and his girlfriend, sang in the car on the way home, and he gave me a rather sweet kiss at my front door, though I think he went for the open mouth thing a mite early - I stuck with a simple peck and I think he got the message.

In March we had a split because I was confused and also dealing with a lot of issues in my own life - Dad having a brain tumor, etc. etc. Prom night was lovely, and his graduation day was the day I believe we officially got back together. At least, in my mind.

Summer was fun, as summer is wont to be - night rides in the convertible, movies, parties, etc. - before he left for university.

September through December, as I remember, was the time when I missed him the most. There were nights I truly cried for his presence. Homecoming, Thanksgiving, Christmas... ahhhh. Beautiful.

January, we nearly hit rock bottom. My infatuation with him wore off, and I mistook it for falling out of love. I came close many, many times to giving up and breaking up with him, but I never did but for once in the beginning when I wasn't sure and thought it was over - but we got back together 3 days later (I'm sure I broke his heart in the process for a second time, which I am eternally sorry for). Also, I unfortunately developed an infatuation on a friend of mine - and sad to say, they discovered it, and I got an ambiguous answer as to their feelings. I was told by many different people that this friend was not the right one. So I suffered and tried to move on from this person, having had bad experiences with them in the past anyway, but did not do so until two months later. After my boyfriend came home to surprise me and I saw the friend again, however, my infatuation on the friend disappeared completely, surprisingly enough, and my faith in my relationship was renewed - but no infatuation on my boyfriend, of course. No. I'd learned to love without the hormonal rush, and I believe he has, too. I learned from all my mistakes.

How lucky I am that my first love - the one I'm still with - has been so good to me, my relationship so full of true warmth and love, and that I have come so far so early on in my life.


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