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She played him and is sorry

i met him along time when we used to go to school together. i kicked it with step sister and everytime he saw me he try to holla at me ialways liked him. we supposed to just be friends with benefits but he wanted more. we hooked up about 3 months ago. it was so perfect we had everything- fun,love, SOME BOMB ASS SEX, and a lot in common. the only thing we didnt have was trust.when we first hooked people would tell me i was gonna get played because he is one of those player,popular boys,but ii ended up playin him. i felt so bad cuz he was crying and told me how i broke his heart and he cant be in a relationship when hes the one gettin hurt but i convinced him that i didnt play (even though i did) because it was the bioggest mistake i loved him so much and the thought of us not together scared me to death. everything got messed up from there we fought and didnt have as much sex. then he put in jail. hes still in there. i miss him so much i wanna wait for him but its ginna be so hard. i love him and no matter what happens if i somehow i move on and he does to i need him to know the love i had for him was real and bye for now but if werent meant to be well find a way to make it work again


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