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she was beautiful, the prettiest girl alive. and thank god she was mine. but
i knew dating her came with a price. but the price... i was willing to pay.

i was never super popular in my 6th grade year, so this year in 7th grade wasnt much different. i was 13 when i got my first love. one problem, she was super popular. i wasnt. now, my friends, were jealous even though they wouldnt admit it. i never thought it would happen , but pretty soon i lost all my friends. why? they tryed to ruin my relationship.

after various false rumors, i confronted my (old) closest friend telling him to stop. he told me he wuld but than the next day i caught him trying to spread another false rumor. i yelled at him and everyone in the lunch room looked at us. he then called my girl ugly and walked over to her and slapped her. she got up, punched him in the face and he spun around towards me, and i shoved him into a trash can than picked it up and spilled its contents on him. he was furious and he hit me in the head with a lunch tray. so i gave him a devastating right hand and put him in a frontal guillotine choke (wrestling move that can make people pass out) until i was ripped away by lunch aids and i was sent to the principals. me and him served a 3 day suspension.

the day i got back. i looked at no one and talked to know one until after school i saw my girl in the hallway. and we made out right there in front of everyone. it was worth every minute of my after school detention.

this is a true story, and i hope nobody ever has to go through this ever again. please accept my story so people can read it and realize love triumphs over everything, including even your closest friends. thank you


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