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Patience Paid Off

Well, I'd met this guy through a friend after a recent breakup from this other guy who i never really even liked. We became good friends even though i never really saw him much during school yet i still tried to see him. i knew i liked him the instant i met him even though he had a reputation as a player, he dated a lot of girls but they always lasted a week.

it wasn't till the end of the school year he started to like me or at least admit it, and we ended up kissing finally. we broke up during the summer due to hardly seeing each other. I was crushed, but i dated a couple of other guys but i never really got over him. till he started flirting with me more and my feelings for him grew more even though i was still dating someone. i ended dumping the guy and on the same day at a school football game he kissed me.

a week later he finally asked me out and we've both changed so much after being together. he stopped flirting with girls so much cause he only has eyes for me now. its been half a year now and I've never been so happy knowing he's by my side.


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