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if u have been togther as friends for a few years online and you feel that you are starting question yourself whether you should go ahead and ask this person out, as they seem to feel the same, not only by their own words but they act in that way that says you two are getting close. Think about the positives and negatives. for to say if u have an online lover, it is easy to express feelings, thoughts and you can get to know them better than you mite be able to if you met offline. online and long distance relationships can also be stronger if you both are real about who you are and what you feel to each other, as many couples cant last too long being far apart, but with yours you can feel that long distance wont stop you, nor will the online talk. however, sometimes once you get really close, you mite feel...very longing for them, cause u just want to feel them rite tehre, and do stuff together. if you feell that spending online time is almost real in a sense that u can feel them in a sense, it wont be as much a problem.
for the actual negative, there are many of them as well. you mite long very deeply for them to be here for real, you need to look at them for real and say you love them...and also, spending online time togther can keep you from spending as much time with your friends, as to say if this was offline, you could take him or her with you when you are going out with a friend, but wen its online, u are staying at a computer. there is also the fact of not knowing wat they look like. I personally was curious of my lover of what he looked like. we were friends for three years and fell in love onenight. a few months later we exchanged images, and i was attracted to him, and he said he still loved me too. BUT, this mite not be the same for everyone. they mite be more picky or will be less attracted onec they see someone who they realized didnt appear the way they expected, and you mite feel that way about them. to avoid this, online relationships mite not be the best for you.
onto another peice. if its an online relationship, you mite wonder wats going on at their place more than you would offline. This is because if ur offline, u are around them, thier friends and know more about their life and who these firnds are. but for offline, you will find yourself worrying that they could be seeing someone else if they show a slight less amount of affectionate attention, as I did. you wonder who this female friend is that he once mentioned. if its a strong relationship u wont worry as much, but its still there.

further contact.
if u feel comfortable, which your relationship should have at least been more than 3 months to take moer time to knowthem online, i would suggest more than that, but its up to u...than u mite think of giving out a phone number. if u do so, make sure they can give theirs too, since hiding theirs isnt fair and u need to know that they trust u too.

other problems.
I if u feel that they are having problems at home, dont make it harder on them and try to help them. if they break up and say they want space rite now, dont get mad, its only concerning if it lasts too long and seems to be hiding something, but its not always the case.

as for ur benefit, if u meet someone online in general, NEVER give out all ur info at first, in fact dont give it out at all untill they are fully trusted, i mean really really trusted. many ppl are sayings its ok to have thse relationships, but do realize online is like the real world. ther are bad ppl and good ppl, and u dont wnt this person to be a bad one, please avoid giving too much out, but dont lie either. if they are pressuring you to tell them to show urslf and give out stuff but they dotn seem to show intrest in your interests or ask things like wat u enjoy and act as friends at first, dont falll for it. I have seen alot of ppl online that tryed to get me to show myself rite there and they didnt take any time to get to know me ,they kept begging and begging, and once i kept saying no, they gave up and never talked again. if they are really interested in being ur friend, they wont do such things. however, wat u think and feel is different than me, so im not ordering, however do take these into count, as its all from experience.

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