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" Its a Waste of your time, Hes just playing you"

Thats something i have herd quite often from my parents, siblings, and friends. They try to put thoughts in your head about what they think. honestly, F*ck what they think, They dont know the person your with better then you do. So just ignore what they say. And if you do listen. Let it go in one ear and out the other. Its not worth it, to dwell on.
I've been in a long distance relationship for a little over 3 years now. And let me tell you something, even tho i cant touch him, hug him, look him in the eyes when i tell him i love him, Even tho i cant do all those physical things, This is the best relationship i have ever had. And i have not felt the way i do about him, with any one else.
Love, my definition: Love has no Age limit. Its not racist, nor sexist. It can come to you at anytime, sometimes earlier then others. Some people can feel it, others cant. Some people search for love, But let me ask you something, What will you do with it, when you do find it? You can Love anyone, or anything. You just have to put it on the pedistool. Love is a emotion, everyone knows that. But can you describe exacly how it feels, like you would describe happyness? Or sadness? Love is a mystique thing, Its a power, but at the same time its a mystery. You cant exacly figure it out.

You can love anyone, either if you met the person or not, I think love is something you share with someone on a mental level, not only physical. You have to connect, feel chemistry and be able to communicate. I feel that if you Love someone, that person will always be on your mind, And when your in a long distance relationship, you always catch yourself doing your normal day routine, but doing it with you loved one, right? And even down to the littlest things, like eating lunch or dinner, do you often catch youself day dreaming about sharing your food with him or her?Have little food fights, and just have fun. right? Going uptown, you often day dream about holding that persons hand while you walk, mess around, pinch there booty, and just mess around. Right? You always picture yourself doing things you do every day, but with that person. And i dont know if it hurts you too see other people holding hands, huging, and kissing, but it does me. Cuase thats what i want to do with my sweetheart.

Dont let anyone try to tell you whats right from wrong with your relationship, Cuase you already know the difference. Dont let people get in your head. YOU know what you want, so dont be affraid to go after it. Or hold onto it. Every one has thier own opinion about things, and thier entitled to it. So dont let thier opinion ruine what you have going on. Thats what they think, Not you.

Relationships in real life verses long distance relationships:

As far as meeting goes:

Real life: Most likey you and that person stated talking becuase they liked what they saw so they went after it. And wanted to get to know you better

Long Distance: Most likey you and that person started talking becuase they shared your same interest, opinion about something, or anything else. And wanted to get to know you better.

As far as geting to know eachother after you start dating:

Real Life: You and that person continued talking, And decided you want to date, Thats great. you guys go on a date, then things stared geting hot 'n heavy and you end up moving to fast. Now your relationship is based upon s*x.

Long distance: You and that person continued talking, and decided you wanted to date, Thats awsome. You guys continue talking over the phone, ims, video chat, ect.. and you both are realy geting to know eachother very well. Your idea of a date is watching a movie together, ( pressing play at the same time) And after words you talk about the movie and fall asleep together on the phone.

Ok, This is why i think that long distance is better then real life.

1. All you have is Communication, You cant touch. so there for you cant move fast. You get to know that person very very well. Verses meeting someone cuase they thought you were hot.

2. In a long distance relationship it tests you. It has all the same things that come along with a real life relationship, you have to trust that person, be honest with that person. Be loyal and communicate with that person. But with a long distance relationship, you have to trust them even more, stay loyal even tho you cant have there affectionit touch. Be honest even if it hurts, and communicate so much more. Its alot more work. But if you love that person, its well worth it all in the end.

3. Your long distance relationship is based upon how well you click, communicate, get along, tolerate things that p*ss you off, trust eachother, being loyal and commiting to that one person verses a relationship based off s*x.

What good is s*x when its not shared with someone you Love, and you want to feel that with. Its meaningless if its with someone you dont know, or even care about.

I met my boyfriend on Xboxlive, thru a good friend of both of ours. And i never thought it would come to me being so deeply in love with him. Hes my baby, and he always will be. Im 16, and yes i have been with him a little over 3 years now. And im so glad i have. And i plan on seeing many more years with him. hes older, But we click, cuase my mind is aged. Im very adult when it comes to that.

So to all those people out there that think 16 is like a little kid, your wrong. And to all those people that think long distance relationships dont work, Guess what! They do. I have proven it. And many other people out there have as well. So deal with it. We cant help it we found our soulmates early. So stop doughting it, trash talking on it, when you havent even tried a long distance relationship yourself.

You gotta try it, before you can say if its good or not!

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