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Head scratch

this tip is only if you already have the guy you want. you can still do this i guess if you dont have the guy, but it will probably require more confidence. But my boyfriend LOVES getting his head rubbed, ive never seen anything like it, he gets a boner! and he also loves my laugh and making me laugh, so if the guy you like is trying to make you laugh, let him know you thought it was funny. and if the guy you are after doesnt seem like your type to your friends, dont listen to them, opposites attract, and in my case, my school thinks im the smart and goody goody girl, and the guy i like is the bad boy skater. but i love it. and who says a good girl cant be a little bad? i got my bad boy and i cant wait to see what the reaction is at school when everyone finds out, most often when a guy likes something you do, he will tell you. sometimes you can try different looks for your hair and clothes. i straightened mine, curled it, crimped it, waved it, and i use Herbal essences shampoo. Its proven to make your hair smell good. when i did different styles with my hair i found out what he liked, cuz he made comments every once in a while. He said he loves the smell of my hair, and he cant help but noticing how good it smells when we're relaxing. then it was long for most of the year but i got it short for summer. Turns out that he likes my hair short. But if its long he likes it best when its wavy, and when its straight he says it looks cute. He always tell me what he likes, so just take note of it girls! and also with the clothes, go for the naughty school girl look IN SCHOOL! i bought a shirt that had the argyle pattern on it and it was a pink and black argyle sweater with a white work shirt beneath it, and i wore my glasses and i slept with my hair wet the night before. i woke up, put on the sort of sexy/ preppy shirt and a pair of jeans. and who really cares about shoes. then i put my hair up in a ponytail, but a loose one so curly ringlets would fall down. i got SO many compliments that day from guys. One guy said i looked like the naughty school teacher every boy student wants to have. How can you not like a compliment like that? then you can go for the hippy look. wear loose fitting clothes that flow and wear your hair down. it looks good wavy and straight. i took the big strand from the front of my hair and braided it and then i tied it and pulled it back and clipped it to my let down hair and i wore my favorite color shirt (blue) and a long white skirt, and i got so many double take looks at school. My guy said he loved that look after i wore it. so that means i did well. you have to play around with what you have, do what makes you feel pretty, and if he likes it, then thats just a bonus. Oh, you should always try to smell good too. i get a lotion from Bath and Body Works by jacqua, called Buttercream frosting. everyone just wants to eat me up! good luck girls!

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