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People might find it hard to be in an online relationship because the fear their "partner" is with another. The first thing anyone should build is trust, without trust the relationship can fall apart. I have been with some one for 5 years and I have met them... we planned out our lives in a realistic way, the only problem is getting together.

If you see that at first you and them (Your partner) talk a lot , openly about everything and this goes on for a while... that a very good step. Once you can talk to them it's established that communication is there because there is no relationship that can function without COMMUNICATION.

As time progresses and you both remain faithful, let's say at this point you both call each other... it's important to call them and tell them what you did if you got a few days without talking or they might end up thinking you are "Out somewhere" possibly with another. Also, do not get defensive and have patience with one another because if you defend yourself it makes you look like you have something to hide.

After the calling and emails , w/e it is you do... you might want to meet up. It might be impossible because you don't have money but you can save up for it if you have a job. if you don't then try to see if the other person is able to see... who ever has it easier to meet up should try to meet up. The most important thing about this is letting people (Likes family and friends) know where you are and where you'll be and maybe leaving their(the person you are meeting)number in your room. When you meet up DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to an isolated area. You might know them for years but it does not mean to put yourself in an awkward situation. Meet up at your house, when people are home, and say you are going our for a walk with a friend (if you cannot say they are your bf/gf). Go somewhere where there are people and enjoy a normal date. Or you can stay at home and see a movie if you don't want to go out and talk.

IF you go on months and still talk and that meeting was successful, you can plan to meet up every other month or vacation. Maybe someday you can go and attend the same colleges or live together after college or if your not going to college then meet up and start living your lives if you love each other. but before the whole moving in process you need to make sure there is trust between you both and you both have jobs. You know the drill... saving up and planning where to live but this might be the most frustrating part.

I hope this advice helps some one who is interested in long distance relationships working?



The most difficult part about this is sometimes your gf/bf might become uninterested because they want you there... this is hard for them and possibly for you so what you can do is reassure them that you are there for them... draw or take pictures.. anything they like to remind them you are there for them.

If they become uninterested then maybe the one thing you can do is become friends if you don't want to rid the person you have grown to like (or love.)

If your partner says they want to see other people, it might be they feel they are missing out on real dates. Talk to them to see what you can do to atleast be there for them. Some people won't change their minds and basically there is nothing you can do except be there and care because you never knows if they realize you've been there for them and might want to be with you after they see how faithful you were to them.

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