'Allow Me'

Allow me to hold your hand
When the next teardrops
falls from your weary eyes
When everything seems too cold
Allow me to be there
when trouble is on the road

Allow me to whisper a prayer
When the next struggle
seems to let you down
When the whole world
seems to shatter
Allow me to be there
I'll always be around

Allow me to take a step of faith
When every hope in your heart
seems to fade
When all your strenght seems
to have ran out
Allow me to share my part
i'll be there with no doubt

Allow me to love you forever
When this world seems to
turn their backs on you
When their hearts seem
to have turned to stone
Allow me to have you
I promise to stay from dusk 'til dawn

Allow me once again
Through this simple ode to you
Let me say once more
Allow me to have the chance to love You!