wat gurls like their bf's to do while kissing

gurls luv it wen guys wrap their arms around their waist! i wuld know because im a gurl and i totally love it wen my bf does that to me! when a gurl wants to b kissed, she will look into your eyes. wen she wants her guys arms around her waist, she will usually wrap her arms around her guys neck. once he does that and she smiles while looking into ur eyes, she is ready to be kissed. notice where her eyes are. if her eyes look into her guys then gaze at the guys lips and back to your eyes, she is hinting that she is totally ready. if she only looks into your eyes, she is tellin the guy she wants you to kiss her. guys, start to lean! dont 4get to tilt your head a little! kiss softly but passionitly if its ur first kiss(i recomend). then if you two are comfortable, gently slide your tongue out of their mouth. play with it a little. experiment new techniques and ideas. at the end of your kiss, give a flirty smile that says "i had fun." then hug them and say something cute, like "i love u." hope this helps and ur kiss turns out AmAzInG=)